Making Hopes and Dreams a Reality in Ghana

Sara Allegra, Founder of SSEP (Sub-Saharan Education Project). Don’t let her fool you.

She’s so much more than a woman raising money to bring awareness to the needs of women and children in Ghana.

She has friends there; a home there; she’s on the ground with these families, face to face, eye to eye, hand to hand on the ground there with her team and staff, with them, making sure every penny goes straight towards the SSEP goal of improving the quality of life through education, uplifting and supporting the local communities. Sara and her SSEP staff in Ghana make sure that people in the program have healthcare for themselves and their families; show them how to create jobs for themselves, how to dream bigger with hope of a brighter future for themselves and their children.

She’s not just giving money to a cause; she’s not just giving people jobs; she’s there on the ground, working with her staff, her team, to show people, step-by-step, how to gain independence and create an economy; building schools so that the village children get an education that will give them the opportunity for a brighter future. She’s not just giving them a dream, she’s making hopes and dreams a reality.

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