99. Jason O’Neil Interview: Success: It’s Not How, But Who

December 6, 2018

Jason O’Neil, President and COO of Century 21 Sheetz in Indianapolis, IN returns to the Jere Metcalf Podcast to share about success: it’s not how, but who.

Show Notes

  • About Jason (3:15)
  • Transactions per year (10:50)
  • What Jason focuses on in his role today (12:03)
  • Prioritizing (13:39)
  • Going back and doing things differently (15:59)
  • Listing Presentation Transformer (17:38)
  • Client communication plan (24:10)
  • What Jason recognizes from his perspective as president that lead him to success (28:30)
  • 4 Laws of Referability (31:39)
  • What O’Neil would do differently (33:32)
  • Most successful teams Jason has seen (37:05)
  • Jason’s ideal team (43:13)

Resources / People Mentioned

Favorite Tool 

  • 2 Top 20 Lists: Top VIP List and clients you want to have results from in 20 days

Books Mentioned 

The One Thing

“Not how, but who.”

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