118. Joy Bender Interview: How to break into luxury real estate digitally.

April 24, 2019

Today I am talking to Joy Bender with Compass. A top luxury real estate agent and co-founder of her team Aumann Bender & Associates. When Joy started her business in San Diego, one of the most competitive and primer luxury markets in the country, she didn’t know a single soul. Most impressive about her luxury real estate business today, is that she built it they way the everyone says building a real estate business is not possible: she did it with digital marketing. Today, Joy is San Diego’s premiere luxury real estate digital marketing expert. Until 2017, 100% of Joy’s business, all luxury clients came through her digital marketing. She has one page ranking on Google for Sand Diego luxury real estate search inquires and is a micro-influencer on Instagram with over 15k followers, and that’s just to name a couple. Among her many accomplishments, she has also been named in The Wall Street Journal as a California Top Real Estate Agent. Today Joy talks to me about how to do the impossible: how to break into luxury real estate digitally.

  • Joy’s story. (1:58)
  • Joy shares how she gets her leads and how she connects with them. (05:03)
  • Joy tells how she gets traffic to her site, how to get traffic to stay on her site, and how to get traffic to come back to her site. (10:58)
  • Joy explains why agents should have a website and put good effort into it. (11:34)
  • Joy explains domain authority and how agents can impact their score. (18:36)
  • Joy talks about finding your “one thing” to focus on and master. (27:50)
  • Joy shares why she is obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest. (35:26)
  • Joy explains her choice of social media platforms to focus on and the pros and cons of each. (44:32)
  • Joy discusses scaling down the amount of leads she gets a week and creating quality over quantity. (50:20)

Resources / People Mentioned

Books Mentioned

Take Away

“Before agents start their website, they need to figure out what their intent is with it and create a website based on their intent.”

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