122. Josh Dotoli Interview: 4 Key Steps to Double Your Business in Less than 1 Year

May 23, 2019

Today I’m talking with Josh Dotoli with Compass in Fort Lauderdale, an expert in everything in his community centered around Las Olas. He is a frequent contributor to ABC News Local 10 in real estate in South Florida. He was recently recognized by South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine with the 2018 Up and Comer award. Among his many top producer awards throughout his career, his is consistently a top 1% agent in Broward County. Since his last interview on the show, just a year ago, he has more than doubled his business. Today we talk about the four key steps that more than doubled his business in less than a year.

  • Josh shares how long he’s been in real estate and what inspired him to get into the business. (1:37)
  • Josh explains why claiming his specialization in real estate helped grow his business. (5:22)
  • The quick list of four key steps that doubled Josh’s business in less than a year. (7:05)
  • What it means to “focus on your niche”. (9:24)
  • Josh shares his “three prong” strategy for marketing. (18:15)
  • Josh explains why you need a good assistant. (20:10)
  • How to delegate. (24:00)
  • How to double down on your marketing. (30:55)
  • Josh shares about his mentor Jack Cotton (39:42)
  • Josh shares his one thing. (42:03)

Resources / People Mentioned

Books Mentioned

Take Away

“Pick a niche and own it. Become the king/queen of your community.”

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