124. Jason Cassity Interview: Part 2 – Building a marketing strategy that generates both short term and long term sales.

June 6, 2019

Today I’m talking with Jason Cassity with Compass San Diego, back on the show for a second interview. Last interview, episode 119 we talked about Jason’s powerhouse team and how he is not only a top agent but building a team of top agents working cohesively together. Today we talk about how Jason has developed marketing for himself and his team that generates both short term and long term sales. 

  • Jason talks direct mail and YouTube Ads (3:23)
  • Why you should customize your marketing. (8:19)
  • Jason and Jere discuss who is buying a home today. (13:33)
  • “People don’t call you for a listing appointment, they call you to list their home.” (15:03)
  • Jason shares about their newsletters and quarterly video releases. (20:31)
  • Jason explains why a solid CRM is essential to getting it all done. (25:16)
  • Jason walks us through his listing presentation. (31:14)
  • Jason shares how Gary Vaynerchuk has inspired his marketing strategy. (45:55)
  • Jason explains why you can’t stop one thing to start another. (46:29)

Resources / People Mentioned

Take Away

“In addition to; not in lieu of.”

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